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By Crystal Priorello

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I remember that “feeling”. The one I got the very first time I walked into our house. I don’t remember the day or time, just the feeling that this could be home.  I paused just inside the front door and took it in. I imagined us sharing meals together, watching TV together, living and being together here. I imagined it being the place I came back to after going to some exotic place far away.

We were living in an RV parked in the front yard at the house where Sal grew up, his parents still there thirty some years later. To Sal, his folk’s house will always feel like home. Thirty some years of Christmas trees and birthdays, thousands of homemade family dinners, filled with memories and photographs and love.

After owning a couple of properties we bought to fix up and sell, I wanted a house that felt like a home. Somewhere we could stay for years, if not for ever. I wanted a happy home, too.

We sold our condo months earlier but didn’t want to rush into something and settle. Living in the RV made me acutely aware of how simply we could live and still be happy. I remember looking at this “new” house with that simplicity in mind. Our family of two doesn’t need much: a table to welcome family and friends, a place to sleep and to work, somewhere to relax at the end of the day. I wanted something simple, to me that was beautiful.Blog Image

Making a home a happy home doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes it takes a lot of work and a lot of energy. We purchased our home from a bank, so it needed some updating. We painted and put in new carpet. I created a garden and we planted citrus trees. A few years later and we’re still creating our happy home by finding what makes us happy.

We believe one of the most important skills we need as Realtors is the ability to LISTEN to our clients. It’s not just about how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want. It’s about really listening and finding what makes you happy and learning about your lifestyle. Maybe you want an urban condo where you can walk to restaurants and entertainment. Maybe you don’t mind a long commute since you’re the only commuter and your wife stays at home, you can afford a larger home farther out. Maybe you want room to grow and raise a family. Or maybe you are retiring and want something easy to maintain with nice amenities.

Sure negotiations, contracts and the market are all important to us. But our ultimate goal is to help you find a place that you can see yourself in, a place you get homesick for when you are away, and a place where you can find your “happy”.  After all, as Samuel Johnson wrote “To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition.” And we want to be a part of that result. 

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